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Our Capabilities

Our company can facilitate all your custom label printing needs. We print custom labels for a variety of different products and industries. Find out how we can help you better promote your products while saving you money on your label printing costs.

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    Revolutionary Technology

    Our ability to add flexographic opaque white to your digital labels enhances the aesthetics of your final product, while keeping tooling costs at a minimum. Using metallic and clear stocks with opaque white can help to achieve the “no label look” on products, or even replicate foil without the added lead time and cost. Our Hybrid press can achieve these results on multiple product SKU’s within the same run, ultimately giving the customer better pricing and faster turn arounds. This technology is revolutionary to the industry, and our prepress staff is happy to help in assisting with the initial setup of the files to get the process started.


    Digital Printing Process

    With digital printing there are a variety of colors that simply cannot be achieved using conventional CMYK color builds. Historically, this would require the customer to either change their color expectations or go to a conventional flexographic press, which requires longer lead times and minimum order quantities. Our Hybrid presses can incorporate 1-2 actual PMS spot colors into the digital print process. These PMS spot colors allow customers to maintain the integrity of the original art design while allowing smaller run sizes across various SKUs’ in the product line. We can also use gloss and matte varnishes in order to give contrast within your design. The process creates a rich, texturized feel to the label that adds a level of distinction to your product.


    Help Your Product Stand Out

    Cold foil is a newer and more cost-effective way to embellish your labels and packaging. Forget the high-priced hot stamping tools and long lead times, with cold foil all we need is one plate to get the job done! Although there are restrictions on how small the registration can be when compared to hot stamping, cold foil allows the customer to add actual foil to a label in a faster and more cost-effective manner. Here at Capital Label Company, we cold foil at the same time as the labels are printed, giving more control to the production staff on how the finished product will turn out. Our foil vendors have supplied us with a large selection of different color foils to work with, and we have seen this technology used often in the Cannabis and CBD markets specifically.


    Let Our Experts Help

    We understand not all companies have a dedicated design team, so our prepress group is always willing to go the extra mile to help customers with art files. Whether it is scaling label sizes up or down, adding text, repositioning text, or helping with the quality of the build, we are here to help! PDF proofs for new art files are typically sent to the customer the same day as they are received. Our goal is to make your labels look as best as they possibly can when coming off the press, and that process begins with the prepress department.


    Professionally Designed Artwork

    Sometimes customers have an idea about a label design, but just cannot bring it to fruition. Our prepress department includes experienced graphic designers who can make your idea come to reality by helping to design your artwork from start to finish. We can work with you directly to take a concept and turn it into a finalized label. Our hands-on approach allows the customer to work alongside our designer to make sure all standards are met.

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