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The success of any brand relies on the type of food label. This works for new brands or even existing brands. Manufacturers also realize the importance of high-quality food labels. Capital Label Company can provide you with the best quality labels with ease.

Our company provides labels for all types of food businesses.

Reasons to work with us


We are able to work with all types of food business labels from butchers, to supermarkets and the bakeries. In addition, our expert team creates all sizes of high-quality labels to cater to all businesses.

Printing Labels for Every environment

Foods that require cool and frozen storage conditions must have labels that can withstand extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they should be water-resistant to some extent as well. Our company also provides professional, durable labels by use of adhesives that can withstand the frozen and wet environment. Moreover, the labels we produce don’t shrink because if condensation, fade under harsh lighting or have their labels fall off due to high temperatures.

Adherence to the Existing Food Labels Legislation

Our primary goal is to ensure the current and future clients with well-clarified products in accordance with the stated standards in the legislation to grant them peace of mind.

We works closely with manufacturers in order to ensure that the labels are in accordance with the law. The law provides that food labels should consist of;

  • Allergens
  • Expiry date
  • Ingredients list
  • Pricing

Moreover, our experience in the industry and our well-trained staff ensures that we are up to date with the correct food label requirements.

Materials, Sizes and Printing

We have invested in a variety of modern digital machinery to print high-quality food labels for all our clients. Also, the process is quick and cost-friendly hence we can meet the needs of our clients fast and also handle a number of clients in a day. If you’d love a super gloss varnish, laminate or a textured label, we got you covered with our highly digitized equipment.

Quality and Delivery

Capital Label Company is all about producing the best quality labels. We care about your business, and we strive to give you the best. We are the perfect company for your food labeling business with all the features stated above.

Common types of food labels we deal with:

  • Chilled food labels
  • Meat and poultry labels
  • Frozen food labels
  • Confectionery and sweets labels
  • Fruit and vegetable labels

How to Get a Sample of My Quality food Labels

We have previously done labelling on the various food businesses. We have samples to show for it as well as you can acquire one from brands we worked with in stores.

Why Choose Us

At Capital Label, we take time to understand our clients’ vision and turn them into reality. We only strive to give you the best.

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