Custom labels are basically trademarks meant for branding a certain company. These labels have different functionality, which is both important to the manufacturer and consumer. For the producers, the product label is key to convey product information, create a distinction of the product in the market, and finally propel its brand. For consumers, they require labels to identify a product in the market as well as access the product information.

It is important to note that the label’s designing and printing determines its effectiveness to the functions stated above. This is where our Company steps in to ensure we fulfill these marketing goals. We design your custom labels from the graphics, textures, and finishes as per your brand’s needs.

Benefits of custom labels

  • Professional packaging
  • Marketing
  • Product identification
  • Fits your products
  • Affordable

How do we ensure our custom labels stand out?

At Capital Label Company, we factor in various considerations to ensure your brands stand out in the market and captivate the buyer’s eye both on the shelves and online.

Custom Labels: Material

This is the first most important step in designing a label. The material creates the rhythm or limitations of other designs. Depending on your product or preference, we select a suitable material to suit your products and make it distinct.


Color is what attracts the eye of the buyer, increasing the probability of them purchasing the product. Moreover, color creates a distinction between your product and that of the competitors, making it easier for the consumer to tell the difference. We ensure the color of the label blends with that of the packaging and its content.


Just like color, graphics have a visual effect on the consumer. We ensure your graphics are well-designed to increase the purchase probabilities of the purchasers. In addition, good graphics minimize text used to convey product information, which is an effective marketing strategy.


Capital Label Company ensures your text is readable to your target consumer without straining when it comes to the fonts. Furthermore, select a font that suitable for your brand.


We print the custom labels’ size in correspondence with the size and shape of the packaging material. The branding text ought to be at the center so as to draw the attention of the buyer.


We offer custom label shapes that will make your product exceptional in the market.


For products with a number of variations, our company designs your label with a consistent theme at the same time with clarity of the variations.

Methods we employ to give you high quality printed custom labels

  • Digital printing; is precise and accurate compared to traditional printing methods.
  • Flexographic printing; efficient and quick printing for both low and high volumes.
  • Embellishment; enables one to further customize, for example, by label lamination to make it durable.
  • Thermal, laser, and Dot Matrix Printing; labels with varying information.
  • Extended content label production; for wordy branding texts for the consumers.

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