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Custom Printed Labels for Beer Cans

Creating strong custom beer labels is what’s going to make your brand stand out from the others. Customers are hard to satisfy, even if your beer is better than the name brand ones. The business is booming for the beer industry. Its a crafty/trendy business to get into. It’s time to take your business to the next level, especially with other brands standing up to all the name brand beers. Although how do you take your brand to the next level? That’s what we’re here for, in this article we’re going to discuss how to create the perfect custom beer labels.

Beer Labels - Custom Beer Labels

Creating Your Brands Personality

The first step you have to take when figuring out what custom labels you want to make for your brand, is figuring out your brands personality. Are you going to make it a homey vibe, minimalist, or even full of your city or states pride. Whatever the answer may be, it will kick start your designing process. Some other questions to keep in mind when your picking out the personality of your brand is, what do you want your brand to represent? Who will be buying your product? How will they be purchasing the product?

Designing your Custom Beer Labels

Even though your beer tastes better than the rest, the majority of people probably won’t be able to taste your beer without picking it out of a wide variety to choose from. That’s why you need to make sure that your branding and designs stand out among the crowd. Knowing what you want your brand to represent is a great first step. Now you have to translate that into a color cohesive label that your customers will pick up every time.

Beer Can Labels - Custom Craft Beer Can Labels - Beer Labels - Labels for Beer Cans

Custom Beer Label; Colors

Science has shown that when people see certain colors together it triggers an emotional response in their head. You want to be able to draw attention to your bottles just by a glance at them. The labels aren’t the only factor that you need to look out for when picking out colors. You also need to keep in mind what the color of your bottle is going to be and the color of your beer. The look needs to be cohesive between all of those elements.

Custom Beer Label; Shape and Size

Having different shapes and sizes for custom labels is unique to the beer industry. You can always stick with a classic shape and size. Keeping your branding cohesive is something that we strongly recommend. With this particular step you have to be more precise with the design you want. Do you want your bottle to have two labels, one larger shaped label. You have to know the size of your bottles and give the label company the specific designs and dimensions.

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