Nowadays, coffee labels play an important role in marketing. These labels aim to present information about coffee. They are an essential aspect of success in sales. Labels also help in triggering a purchase as they have important consumer information.

You can consume coffee as a hot beverage, blended on a frothy treat, or even over ice cubes. However, different coffee has different tastes as the blends come from different companies. Getting the taste of good quality coffee is an art mastered by few. With many coffee brands available in the market, the majority of the consumers depend on the coffee labels to select what coffee they’ll carry home.

Our professionals will also provide you with high-quality coffee labels that will help your product stand out over your competitors.

How we ensure we provide the best coffee labels

There are five key techniques that we use to ensure our label sells over others in the market.

Intriguing Language

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, the kind of language you use is important. Captivate your consumers with what they like most. For instance, considering every consumer wants sustainable, environmental-friendly products, if your products have any of these features, make sure to feature them on the label. For instance;

  • Organic
  • UTZ Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Direct Trade

Do not deceive consumers to sell your products. Let the features be existent.

Packaging materials

Packaging of coffee is often done in cans or uneven coffee bags. This makes it hard to apply a smooth, durable label on the surface. Our labels at Capital Label Company are flexible and ideal for uneven surfaces and even coffee bags.

Roasting details

Coffee consumers love their coffee fresh and tasty. This prompts manufacturers to include most of the roasting details in the label. Such descriptions are inclusive of a brief roast description, if it is dark, light, medium, freshly roasted, Arabica, etc.

Label basics

There’s information that ought to be on the labels provided by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. The requirements consist of ;

  • The net quantity of the product
  • The product’s net weight
  • Date of packing
  • Ingredients
  • The product’s name
  • Expiration date

Top-quality label products

Top-quality color is also one of our strongest features in the print out of our labels. Coffee is a luxurious beverage; therefore, the coffee labels have to be as eccentric as the coffee blend.

We offer printed and blank coffee labels. The blank coffee labels enable you to print the label according to your own desires. Also, if you’d like a custom coffee Label, feel free to contact us and share your idea with us. We will be happy to transform your imagination into reality.

Our vision

We would love to work with you and take your brand to a higher level. Our unique, high-quality coffee labels are also ideal for enhancing your sales and brand. When you work with us, we only give the best.

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