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Cannabis Labels - Labels for Cannabis Products, Marijuana Labels

As a company we make labels for every kind of brand out there, from beer to cannabis. We’ve made other articles explaining how to make color and brand cohesive labels. You have a design in mind or already drawn out and we can make your brand labels come to life. In this article we’ll go further into depth about how to create a label for cannabis. There are regulations that you have to be aware about when creating a label for this product.

Cannabis Labels for Jars & Cannabis Packaging

Federal Regulations for Cannabis Labels

Cannabis labels are required to have an ingredient list, and the name of the manufacturer, packer and distributor. The label must also be large enough that the information require is legible and not covered by any other designs. Writing on the packing are required to be 1/16th inch in height. Writing needs to be legible and not contrasted in color. FDA required statements need to be shown clearly without being blocked by any designs. Lastly the content cannot describe any outlandish claims.

Cannabis Labels - Labels for Cannabis Products, Marijuana Labels

Tips for Aesthetic and Accommodating Cannabis Labels

While continuing to accommodate all that is listed above, we are here to also inform you how to turn all this content into an eye catching piece of art. Our first suggestion is to be upfront and use an unique design. There are a lot of cannabis labels that all look the same, mainly with ones labeled cannabis or CBD in large bold lettering. You’re able to highlight the product you’re selling in a non-classic way. Be original with the design. Colors are another sample in labeling that is on your side. Make sure your design/pattern is cohesive and has vibrant colors. Cannabis labels are designed to give your customer a satisfied feeling when purchasing your product. Make it informational, aesthetically pleasing and jammed packed with quality.

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